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Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and i decided to post some celebrities who were/are accused of sexual harassment or gender violence cause we can’t stan this horrible men no matter how talented they are, we can’t let violence being a part of pop culture.

• Christian Slater: back in 1997, the actor attacked her girlfriend and a police officer. Then in 2005 he was accused of touching a woman while he was drunk.

• Anthony Kiedis: Julie Farman said she was sexually harassed by the RHCP vocalist (1990)

• Jonathan Rhys-Meyers: He is accused of assaulting her girlfriend (2005). In 2010 an United Airlines employee accused him for having attacked her.

• Iggy Pop: He had sex with Sable Starr, when the groupie had only 13 years old!

• Morrissey: He defends Kevin Spacey and blames the victim and his parents

• XXXTentacion: he’s accused of domestic violence (strangulation) and sexual harassment against her pregnant girlfriend. He also threatened to kill her, every day.

• Cole Sprouse: accused by his ex-girlfriend for abusing her physically and emotionally.

• Axl Rose and Slash: these guys raped a 15-year-old girl.

• Sylvester Stallone: he’s accused of sexual harassment against an under-age girl back then in 1986 when he had 40-years-old.

Britney with some of her dancers on a boat trip in Miami (March 28, 2002)