Category: vintage photo

Il Tuffatore, 1951 – Ph. Nino Migliori 

Untitled #106, New Jazz, 1975 – Ph. Michael Abramson

Maudie James, 1970 – Ph. Clive Arrowsmith

Bowie Twisting (back in color), London Studio, 1977 – Ph. Clive Arrowsmith

Sophia Loren in her car as a crowd of ardent fans press around her, smashing the windscreen in their eagerness to see her. Sophia is taking part in the annual Rome to San Remo Cinema Car Rally. 9th April 1956 – Ph. Keystone

Heath Ledger, Casanova, Venice 2004 – Ph. Greg Gorman

Antonio Banderas, 1994 – Ph. Greg Gorman

Polaroid Photograph of Jed Johnson, 1973 – Ph. Andy Warhol

NENA VON SCHLEBRÜGGE with Dogs for Vogue 1958 photographed by Norman Parkinson

Sharon Tate, London, 1966 Ph. Jerry Schatzberg