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Gianni Versace S/S 1993, Vests and Trousers in studded and Embroidered Leather, July 1992 – Ph. Doug Ordway

Round The Clock (Variant), 1987 – Ph. Horst P. Horst

Jean Patchett, Bathing Suit by Brigance, 1951 – Ph. Horst P. Horst


Muhammad Ali signing autographs with

Malcolm X in Harlem, March 1964.

Paulina and 32 Mickeys (Anguilla), 1987 – Ph. Marco Glaviano

Dovima Under the El, Under 3rd Avenue Elevated Train, NY, 1956 – Ph. William Helburn

Vanity Fair Pleated Capelet Seated Back, 1950 – Ph. Mark Shaw

Suit and Headdress by Schiaparelli, 1947 – Ph. Horst P. Horst

Joan Crawford: Fashion & Style Legacy

Ph.1 1934, Frank Tanner Ph.2 1935, George Hurrell Ph.3 1934, Frank Tanner Ph.4 1932, George Hurrell Ph.5 1933, George Hurrell Ph.6 1933, George Hurrell Ph.7 1932, John Kobal Ph.8 1932, George Hurrell Ph.9 1934, Frank Tanner Ph.10 1930, George Hurrell.

Tatjana Patitz in Dolce & Gabbana rhinestone encrusted one-piece bodice, Los Angeles, 1991 / Vogue UK August 1991 “Molten Metallics” Ph. Herb Ritts, Stylist. Sarajane Hoare