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Twiggy before a painting by Bridget Riley, 1967 Ph. Bert Stern

Julie Hagerty, Fran Drescher, Twiggy Lawson publicity shots for “Princesses” (1991).

Photos by Mario Casilli

Twiggy wearing a Mickey Mouse ear hat at Disneyland. 

ph. Ralph Crane, 1967

Twiggy, 1967

Twiggy, 1967

Twiggy in a red hooded jacket and white gloves whilst holding a large red letter ‘E’ circa 1966.

Twiggy, VOGUE, 1967 – Photograph by Bert Stern

Sonny & Cher hosting a party to welcome Twiggy to Los Angeles on April 30, 1967.

Twiggy photographed by Bert Stern wearing a bright flower-print dress by Michèle Rosier, with Max Factor makeup outlining her large doe eyes. Vogue, March 1, 1967.

Twiggy for Vogue June 1967, photographed by Ronald Traeger. Hair design by Gordon.