Category: surreal

Ph. Clive Arrowsmith, March 1970

With Chair II, 1963 – Ph. Melvin Sokolsky

Late For Dinner, 2013 – Ph. Tom Chambers

Model Flying From Window, England, 1995 – Ph. Geof Kern

Turquoise and diamond choker by Cartier for Vogue, August 15, 1969 – Photographed by Bert Stern

Armed and Matching, photographed by William Wegman, 1989

Autumn, 2017 – Ph. Alex Timmermans

Bubble on Seine Kick II, 1963 – Ph. Melvin Sokolsky

Mirror Dance II, 1965 – Ph. Melvin Sokolsky

Yasmin Le Bon in a Chanel Evening Dress, British VOGUE, London, 1986, Ph. Horst P. Horst