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Madonna 1987, Ph. Herb Ritts

Original Print uncropped

Madonna, 1987 Ph. Herb Ritts

Marilyn Monroe: From The Last Sitting, (Black Dress, looking over shoulder), 1962 Ph. Bert Stern

Audrey Hepburn, Paris, 1967 Ph. Bert Stern

Twiggy, VOGUE, 1967 Ph. Bert Stern

Melvin Solosky, Paris, 1965

Jane Fonda with Straw, Beverly Hills, USA, 1963 Ph. Willy Rizzo

Marlène Dietrich à l’hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo, 1956, Ph. Willy Rizzo

Inflatable backpacks as seen on Lizzie McGuire
Blue and pink one x
Pink flowery one x

Hayden Panettiere at a Holiday event for NY Founding Hospital in 2004 [x]