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Lady Gaga is lying about rape, Rob Fusari one of the producers of her album “The Fame” called her out on it.

I am not surprised though.This is a woman who basically co-opted the entire LGBT rights movement (at a time when it was the hot button, socially acceptable topic to pander to…of course) to build an entire career on…pandering to the pink dollar as a “bisexual”…‘campaigning’ for gay rights at no cost to herself…and appealing to the worst in the most vulnerable – perpetual victim-hood.  All the while completely ripping off and cheapening the entire bodies of work of REAL Gay icons like Madonna, Bowie, Cher, Grace Jones, etc.This is a woman that built a supposed ‘Anti-Bullying’ campaign that is nothing more than a for-her-own-profit charity scheme…while preying on the most vulnerable and appealing to the worst in them…setting off the modern day ‘stan wars’ between pop fanbases that has become the very opposite of ‘anti-bullying’ to turn her vulnerable, victim-based fanbase into a cult of bullies and abusers.This is a woman who has used illness – Lupus and a supposed hip issue – into another excuse to hide her fuck-ups and play the victim.  As someone who lives with someone with Lupus, and myself having had life-altering musculoskeletal surgery, I can see without a shadow of a doubt that this woman does NOT have Lupus…nor did she ever have any issue with her fat fucking hip.  Then she parades herself around in a gold-plated wheelchair for attention. That shit alone makes me fucking livid.This is a woman who built an entire career and fanbase on the televangelist model of the prosperity-gospel by painting herself as some sort of gay saviour and turning herself into a ‘mother’ figure to be blindly worshiped and never questioned by pandering to the most impressionable and vulnerable in queer youth.And last but not least, she basically built her career on the death (and probable murder) of a young innocent girl that she just so happened to be writing for……For this woman to now use rape, or women’s rights, or whatever she’ll latch onto next as her new platform to sell her complete and utter fucking shit… is what she’s all about.  She’s a fucking sociopath…and I have NO shame in saying when her fall truly comes, I will ENJOY the fucking hell out of it, no one deserves it like her.

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