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Message in our music

Message in our music


So, i’ve made a playlist i think it’ll be perfect for those times when you wanna get high, read a book, cook, exercise, dance, have sex, anything related to something a human being would do?
It has a chill vibe, r&b, indie, drums and synths


☆ The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy ☆

2017’s Hits!:

Just made a playlist with the music i liked the most of 2017 🎧💿 give it a try!

My “Childhood” spotify playlist:

Hi friends! 🤗 I thought I’d share my favourite playlist! It’s called Childhood and it’s essentially late 90s and early 00s songs that just remind me of good old days 💕✨ Let me know if you listen to it and if you like it! 🤩🌸

I mean does it honestly surprise anyone that my most played artist is Britney?

Can you believe this beauty?

The real 2000s hits playlist:

Guyssss, i made this playlist for the ones like me who can’t live without some 00s jams, you will find EVERYTHING (from Gorillaz to Justin Bieber, for real) on this playlist, i hope you enjoy it ??