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Madonna 1987, Ph. Herb Ritts

Madonna 1987, Ph. Herb Ritts

Mexican actress, Lupe Velez, with black hair parted in the center, and stylized eyebrows, wearing an ornate dress, with a white, elaborate lace headdress, smiling coyly, with her hand placed over her mouth. Photo by Edward Steichen for Vanity Fair June 1st, 1934

Christy Turlington photographed for (British) “Vogue” by Javier Vallhonrat – 1992

Rossy de Palma

Charo (1975)

Rita Hayworth at home with her daughter Rebecca, 1945.  

(Original Caption) 1/20/1945-Hollywood, CA- Rebecca Welles, born December 17th, 1944, gets some moral support from her beauteous mama, Rita Hayworth, as she makes her first camera appearance. Papa Orson Welles was probably ‘out getting baby some new shoes,’ at the time the photo was made.

Rita Hayworth with her daughter Rebecca Welles in 1945.

Here’s a clip of the Mi Gente remix. Find out how you can help and see the full video on

Aquí hay un clip de mi gente con beyonce. Vea más y cómo puede puerto rico mexico y el caribbean en

Beyoncé is part of the Mi Gente remix and will be donated proceeds from the hit song to charities that will help those affected by recent natural disasters in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. See the full song and video plus find out how you can help by heading to ❤️

Beyonce es parte del remix de Mi Gente por J Balvin y Willy William. El cantante donará los ingresos de la pista a organizaciones benéficas que ayudarán a #mexico #puertorico y al #caribbean que han sido afectados por recientes desastres naturales. Vea cómo puede ayudar al dirigirse a ❤️