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Madonna 1987, Ph. Herb Ritts

Madonna 1987, Ph. Herb Ritts

Madonna, Los Angeles, 1987 Ph. Herb Ritts

Mexican actress, Lupe Velez, with black hair parted in the center, and stylized eyebrows, wearing an ornate dress, with a white, elaborate lace headdress, smiling coyly, with her hand placed over her mouth. Photo by Edward Steichen for Vanity Fair June 1st, 1934

Kate Moss photographed for (the cover of) “Vogue” (Spain) by Mario Testino – December, 2012


Brigitte Bardot photographed by Bill Ray on the set of Shalako (1968) filmed in Almería, Spain.

Christy Turlington photographed for (British) “Vogue” by Javier Vallhonrat – 1992

Rossy de Palma

Deux Nus Et Un Chat – Pablo Picasso {1903}

Keith Haring painting a mural in Barcelona on February 27, 1989.