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Joan Crawford (1929)

Heartthrobs of the Silent Era

Sessue Hayakawa

(June 10, 1886 – November 23, 1973)

Rudolph Valentino

(May 6, 1895 – August 23, 1926)

Cullen Landis (July 9, 1896 – August 26, 1975)

Ramón Novarro

(February 6, 1899 – October 30, 1968)

Gary Cooper  (May 7, 1901 – May 13, 1961)


Josephine Baker photographed by Boris Lipnitzky

in the

studio of Paul Colin in Paris, May 1926.   

Joan Crawford publicity photos for “The Taxi Dancer” (1927)

Joan Crawford photographed by Ruth Harriet Louise, 1928

Joan Crawford in a fur fringe design by Adrian for Our Modern Maidens (1929)

Robert Montgomery and Joan Crawford on the set of Untamed (1929).

Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in

New York on June 4, 1929.

(Original Caption) That’s my papa. New York. Joan Crawford, she of the movies and her new husband Douglas Fairbanks Jr., he also of the movies as they appeared cuddlin’ upon the roof of the New York hotel at which they are stopping after the marriage which took place last night at St. Malachy’s church. They as if they like it, don’t they.

Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino publicity stills for Beyond the Rocks (1922)

Circa 1928: Film star Joan Crawford wearing a mantilla over a very high comb. 

Photos by Ruth Harriet Louise