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Madonna, 1983 Ph. Deborah Feingold

Madonna, 1983 Ph. Deborah Feingold


Sonny and Cher photographed by

Tony Frank in New Orleans, 1969.


The Beatles meet Muhammad Ali at 5th street gym in Miami Beach on February 18, 1964.  

Photos by Paul Slade 

Madonna 1986, Ph. Herb Ritts

Michelle Pfeiffer 1979 Ph. Jim Britt 

Michelle Pfeiffer 1988, Ph. Herb Ritts

Britney Spears, 1999 Ph. Herb Ritts


Audrey Hepburn meets Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in their dressing room at the Paramount Studios in 1953.

Photos by Bob Willoughby.

Inflatable backpacks as seen on Lizzie McGuire
Blue and pink one x
Pink flowery one x