Category: polaroid

“Art is different for every individual, and is definable only by the given individual.” – Keith Haring  

Naomi Campbell polaroid by Sante D’Orazio

Polaroid Photograph of Jed Johnson, 1973 – Ph. Andy Warhol

Joe Dallesandro photographed by Andy Warhol, 1971

Patty Pravo, 2002 Ph. Gian Paolo Barbieri

Untitled, 260, Fire Island Pines, 1975-1983 Ph. Tom Bianchi

Echo and Dave at My House #2, 1989 Ph. Jim Goldberg

Polaroid Portrait of Gianni Versace, 1980 Ph. Andy Warhol

Madonna, NYC, June 17 1983, Polaroid, Ph. Richard Corman

Raquel Welch 1966 Ph. Terry O’Neill