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I did an interview for this month’s issue of Yuri Chronicles! (At the end) Check it out if you’re interested!!

Missing London terribly 💕
At sketch 🇬🇧 ♥️

Friends! 🦋 If you’re interested, go check out and possibly follow my personal instagram! Thank you✨

Hey friends, we’re rapidly approaching 10k followers on this blog (thank you!!) and I wanted to see if any of you have a favorite artist who draws wlw fan art or general wlw arts that you’d like to see me promoting/reblogging more. Feel free to reply here or send me an ask!

Also… if there’s any shows, movies, video games, or comics with wlw that you’ve been loving lately let me know too!! I’m always looking for new stuff to look at 🙂

Hi babes! 💖 Sorry I haven’t been around, went to see this funny electronic tower. For some reason tourists love it. Anyway I’m back now and I’ll be posting more soon!!! xx

Feeling myself ♥️✨🍒

I broke up with my shit girl friends. They’ve been nothing but disrespectful towards me. Gone to parties, even on holidays without letting me know and I’ve been feeling like absolute human garbage for the past year. Now I finally grew some balls and told them to fuck off and that I don’t wanna be a part of their stupid airhead gang.

My “Childhood” spotify playlist:

Hi friends! 🤗 I thought I’d share my favourite playlist! It’s called Childhood and it’s essentially late 90s and early 00s songs that just remind me of good old days 💕✨ Let me know if you listen to it and if you like it! 🤩🌸

This lipgloss tho 💖💖💖

I started playing Life is Strange: Before the Storm last night and wow!! It is really gay!!! I replayed through the original Life is Strange pretty recently, so it was such a mind shift to play as Chloe and also to read her letters in her journal to Max… I’m just like “why am I (Max) not there for Chloe??” I find myself not thinking through decisions as much as I should originally since I forget that I can’t just rewinds aaahh…

I really like Rachel so far!! I’m probably halfway through episode 1… I’m curious to hear what other people think of the game… I really loved the original LiS, so far I really like this one too!! It’s so refreshing to play a non-indie game be so openly gay!!