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That feeling when you’re wearing shorts on a summer day and sit on this plastic chair for more than 5 minutes and try to get up and your skin gets stuck to it? Yeah you know that feeling.

Jennifer Lopez at her surprise 30th birthday party in July, 1999 [x]

Jennifer Lopez at the Teen Choice Awards in August, 1999 [x]

Kylie Minogue photographed by Steve Shaw in 2001 [x]

Rihanna at Baby Phat Spring 2006 show in 2005 [x]

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro at Maxim Magazine Party in December 2002 [x]

Mean Girls, 2004

Totally Spies
Season 1, Episode 20

“Way 2 Cool 4 ya boi Myspace Layout” by Chelebelle on DeviantArt [x]


TLC photographed by Matthew Jordan Smith, 1994.