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Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and

Robert Mapplethorpe at the grand opening of The Tunnel nightclub at

22012th Avenue in New York City on December 15, 1986.

Photos by Ron Galella


Jean-Michel Basquiat and his girlfriend Charlotte photographed by

Stephan Lupino at Area Nightclub, 1985.

Excerpts from

The Andy Warhol Diaries mentioning Charlotte:

Wednesday, January 16, 1985

I talked to Jean Michel and invited him to the party that Fred was giving for Natasha Grenfell at Le Club. And he asked if he could bring — he said, “My girlfriend,” and I was shocked. I said he’d never called anybody that before, and he said her body was so hot that he would come five times in a night. This is a black girl he met who works at Comme des Garcons.

Tuesday, January 22, 1985

Talked to Jean Michel and he was in a funny mood. He thinks his “girlfriend” doesn’t love him and so he’s taking heroin again. The black girl. Charlotte. I told him I would come and visit him. Cabbed to pick him up ($8). We went to Odeon and had two tables and there were twelve of us. Boy George had that boy Marilyn with him. Jean Michel was nodding out. There was a little kid with Keith who didn’t say anything, and Keith didn’t say much, and I didn’t say anything, so Boy George had to do all the talking and he’s really intelligent, really a smart kid, and he does talk a lot.

Wednesday, January 30, 1985

Jean Michel invited me to dinner with his father at Odeon (cab $6). And the father was this thin normal-looking man in a business suit, smart, and so you can see where Jean Michel gets his smartness. And now Jean Michel doesn’t even like his girlfriend from Comme des Garcons, Charlotte, because she borrowed money from him. He likes to give people money but then he resents them for taking it. He’ll say, “They’re using me.” It’s a funny attitude. And in a moment of passion once he told her he loved her and she told him that she was a “free woman,” so he tied her up and told her how dare she think that he meant it.

Saturday, March 9, 1985

Talked to Jean Michel and he said he was straight, but he sounded like he was on something. He was with Jennifer, Eric Goode from Area’s sister, who’s his new girlfriend. He’s got three or four girls on the string now, but he’s only still in love with Charlotte, from Comme des Garcons.

And Jean Michel was complaining about the show that we’re having with Bruno… oh, I don’t know, I think that whole period is over, with him coming up to paint. He hasn’t come that much to the new building, just a few times, and-well, he’s feeling on top now that his show is running downtown, but I don’t know if he’s working.

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Madonna, 1983.