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Micky Dolenz directs the Frodis Caper episode of the Monkees.


In the 1960s 16 Magazine was basically offering up threesomes to its readers, what a time to be alive.


Photos by Henry Diltz
Source: eBay


Source: Monkees Crew (via Kathleen Price / Facebook)

Davy Jones

Portrait of musician Micky Dolenz, member of the pop group ‘The Monkees’, photographed for Radio Times in connection with the television show ‘The Persuaders’, July 1979.

New (to me) pics of Micky & Davy on Top of the Pops in 1967 & 1968. I tried to hide Jimmy S*vile in these pics because he was a gross creep.


Davy’s pics of Peter from “when the world and I were young” (½)


Requested by @petiteclover, photos of Peter from the Monkees 2016 tour book. I know they are terrible quality so please tell me if you want any or all of them scanned.