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Haute Couture F/W 1974/75 Pat Cleveland e Alva Chinn

Vintage Bronze Thrills Covers

Yves St. Laurent with Kate Moss and Models, Paris, 1993 – Ph. Harry Benson

I haven’t really been in the mood to write essays/analysis lately but last night right before I went to bed I had an idea for a series about unknown models that are unknown by the general public because tragic circumstances cut down what could have been a promising career. The most obvious example is Gia (probably won’t write about her since she’s fairly well-known) but there are many similar stories and great models from all eras that I think more people need to know about. There’s so little actual information/analysis on models in general online except for like the supermodels and even then it’s more just old interviews and whatnot.

I’m mainly documenting this here so I don’t forget:)


Samantha Juste


Contact sheet from Birds of Britain featuring Samantha Juste, 1966. Photos by John Green. [x]

Zuhair Murad // Spring 2018 Couture. 🌹

♡ Chanel Spring 2018 Couture ♡


Versace Spring 1996 Ready To Wear🔸️⚡☀️

Shalom Harlow
Kirsty Hume
Kate Moss
Carla Bruni
Naomi Campbell