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Michael Jackson with the Boy Scouts of America (1990)

In September 1990 Michael was given the Michael Jackson Good Scout Humanitarian Award, named in his honor. “Michael Jackson is a good example to youth, helping us keep kids off the streets by supporting Scouting,” said Ray Martin, chairman of the board of Los Angeles Area Council Boy Scouts of America.

Michael Jackson photographed by Greg Gorman, 1987


Michael Jackson photographed by Jim Hendin, 1969.



Michael Jackson portrait session (1976)

Michael Jackson photographed by Barry Shultz, 1979.

20-year-old Michael Jackson and 15-year-old Tatum O’Neal at a party to celebrate the Gold certification of The Jacksons album Destiny in July 1979.


Michael Jackson with his children Michael Jr (known as Prince) and Paris-Michael in 1999.  

Photos by Hamid Moslehi  


Michael Jackson photographed by Jim McCrary, 1979.

By the late 1970s, McCrary was photographing a wider range of younger artists, including ones he was not overly familiar with. One of those was Michael Jackson, whom he was tasked with shooting for the cover of his “Off the Wall” album. As the session was about to start, McCrary changed the channel on a nearby radio, even though the song playing was Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.”

“Jim did not know Michael’s music and changed the radio station,” his niece Colleen Pollard, who was tasked with dancing with Jackson to loosen him up, told the LA Times. “I yelled, ‘No, that’s his song.’ The looks on Michael’s face and his manager’s were priceless.”

Jackson did not use any of the images and Pollard noted that this was one of the reasons McCrary left rock photography. “He said he just didn’t feel connected with the bands anymore,” she said.

(Source: Billboard)

Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Macaulay

Culkin during the “Black or White” video shoot in 1991.