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Twiggy wearing a Mickey Mouse ear hat at Disneyland. 

ph. Ralph Crane, 1967

Madonna photographed by Herb Ritts, 1987


1990 Vogue Italia Editorial by Ellen Von Unwerth

Madonna photographed by Alberto Tolot, 1986.


Aaliyah and R. Kelly photographed by Anthony Cutajar, 1994.

Herb Ritts flew to Tokyo in 1987 with a plan to snap photos of Madonna all over town. But the pulsating mob of screaming fans that followed her everywhere she went on the Japanese leg of the “Who’s That Girl” tour made that impossible. Ritts called the Rolling Stone office in a panic, and the decision was made to simply shoot the pop star in the bed of her hotel room. No one remembers where the Minnie Mouse hat came from, but the shoot, born from desperation, resulted in the perfect mix of lighthearted glamour. “Of all the pictures taken of Madonna, that’s probably the most innocent one,” said former Rolling Stone photo director Laurie Kratochvil. “It shows another side of her – goofy, cute and self-effacing. People could just relate.” 

Rolling Stone 
(November 2, 2017)

Madonna photographed by Alberto Tolot, 1986.