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The Jackson 5 rehearsing for The Bob Hope Show in 1973.

The Jackson 5 (1969)


The Jackson brothers and their father Joe Jackson at home, 1972

Photos by Michael Montfort

The Jackson 5 photographed by Jim Britt, 1972.

The Jackson 5 and their little brother Randy

Jackson in Jamaica, 1975.

photos by Fin Costello

Joe Jackson with his sons (1971)

The Jacksons at Hyde Park Corner. They are Randy, 15, Michael, 18, Jackie, 26, Tito, 23, and Marlon, 20, 19th May 1977. 

(Photos by Allan Olley)

The Jackson 5 performing on The Bob Hope Show

– Aired: September 26, 1973

Sepia magazine covers from the 1970s

Diana Ross and The Jackson 5 in 1969.

Photos by Larry Kastendiek