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Ricky Martin, Los Angeles, December 10, 1993 – Ph. Barry King

Selena Quintanilla, 1992 – Ph. John Dyer

Mexican singer Luis Miguel (Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri) with his brothers Alejandro and Sergio. Italy, 1985 – Photo by Angelo Deligio

Alexander Da Silva from Venezuelan Boy Band UFF, 2003​ – Ph. Miguel Angel Vazquez

Venezuelan Pop BoyBand Uff

Chayanne, 1993 – Ph. Carlos Latapí

Mexican wrestler Latin Lover wins the hair from Chessman in fight in electrified cage, September 18 2005 – Ph. Miguel Muñoz Zao

Maria Felix, 1943

Xavier López Rodríguez better known as “Chabelo” by Ricardo Trabulsi

Ramon Novarro and Joan Crawford in Across to Singapore (1928)