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So, i’ve made a playlist i think it’ll be perfect for those times when you wanna get high, read a book, cook, exercise, dance, have sex, anything related to something a human being would do?
It has a chill vibe, r&b, indie, drums and synths


Lana Del Rey at the Met Gala 2018 // Details ⛪🌟🗡

Lana Del Rey x L’Officiel USA🌹🍒

2017’s Hits!:

Just made a playlist with the music i liked the most of 2017 🎧💿 give it a try!

Lana Del Rey’s grandmother Beatrice Dautresme.

I only stan legends

Summer Wine

Tropico Premiere.

Would you dress yourself as Carrie this year?

Lana Del Rey x Carrie 👰