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Kate Moss, New York, 1992 Ph. Stephanie Pfriender Stylander


Kate Moss & Carla Bruni

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, New York City; Jan. 1, 1995

Kate Moss photographed by Terry O’Neill, 1993

Kate Moss, 1992

ph. Stephanie Pfriender Stylander

Kate Moss (unpublished | 1990s)
ph. Peter Lindbergh

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss at the Danziger Gallery in New York, 1993 © Rose Hartman/Getty Images [x]


Kate Moss & Tyson Ballou in Seville for Vogue Italia photographed by Bruce Weber

Kate Moss, Reflection in Water, Marrakech, Morocco, surface of a reflecting pool photographed by Albert Watson on Kate’s 19th birthday, January 16, 1993