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Louis Armstron, Cab Calloway and Billy Daniels at a party for Billy in 1955.

Photos by David Sutton


Nina Simone performing on a TV show filmed at BBC Television Centre in London, 1968.

Photos by David Redfern

Ella Fitzgerald photographed by Carl Van Vechten on January 19, 1940.

Early Rolling Stone Covers – Photos by Baron Wolman

Issue #2 – Tina Turner, 1967

Issue #6 – Janis Joplin, 1968 

Issue #7- Jimi Hendrix, 1968

Issue #13 – Tiny Tim, 1968

Issue #14 – Frank Zappa, 1968

Issue #31- Sun Ra, 1969

Issue #33 – Joni Mitchell, 1969 

Issue #40 – Jerry Garcia, 1969 

Issue #52 – Creedance Clearwater Revival, 1970

Issue #59 – Little Richard, 1970

Keely Smith photographed by Ken Whitmore circa 1957.


Funk singer Betty Davis with her husband Miles Davis in front of one of his paintings at their home in New York City, October 1969.

Photos by Baron Wolman

Billie Holiday photographed by Charles Hewitt, 1954.


Billie Holiday photographed by Carl Van Vechten, 1949.


Billie Holiday with Louis McKay and her dog Peppi, 1952.

On March 28, 1957,


Holiday married Louis McKay. Louis, like most of the men in her life was abusive and stole her money. They were separated at the time of her death in 1959.

(Photos by Bob Willoughby)


Nancy Wilson photographed by Bobby Holland, 1983.