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Ike & Tina Turner concert in New York City, 1974.

Photos by Peter Smetana


Tina Turner photographed by Richard Avedon in New York on June 13, 1971.


Ike and Tina Turner photographed by Norman Seeff, 1975.

Norman Seeff’s shoot with husband-and-wife R&B duo Ike and Tina Turner was among the most memorable of his career. As his first filmed session, the footage was riveting. “They performed an amazing version of ‘Nutbush City Limits’ right there in my studio. There was incredible energy and vitality between them.” He recalls that the couple’s contrasting personalities made their interactions all the more compelling. “Tina was a whirlwind of freedom and spontaneity,” he says. “She was teasing Ike, trying to get him to loosen up, but there was an edge about it. It was as if she was challenging him just a bit. It felt almost dangerous but at the same time ecstatically creative.” Ike on the other hand was reserved and controlled. “He was very charismatic. He had a regal, majestic quality about him, and a tremendous sense of who he was.”


Ike and Tina Turner performing at the Newport Pop Festival in Northridge, California on June 20, 1969.

Ike and Tina Turner at Heathrow airport in London, October 1975


Ike and Tina Turner in London, April 1968.  

Ike and Tina Turner during their UK tour with the Rolling Stones in 1966. 

Ike and Tina Turner photographed in 1966

Ike and Tina Turner during rehearsal at NBC Studios for The Midnight Special TV Show on November 9, 1973.

Photos by Greg Papazian


Ike & Tina Turner