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Madonna for Confessions on a Dance Floor, 2005 – Ph. Steven Klein

Marilyn Monroe ca. 1950s Photographed by Frank Worth

Madonna, 1997 Ph. Herb Ritts

Nirvana, 1990 Ph. Michael Lavine


Polaroids by Andy Warhol

Bianca Jagger (1971)

Valentino Garavani (1973)

Tina Turner (1974)

Pele (1977)


Minnelli (1978)

Diana Ross (1981)

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1983)

Grace Jones (1984)

Joan Collins (1985)

Keith Haring (1986)

Miss Universe Mona Grudt, Bob Hope and LaToya Jackson at the United States Air Forces in Europe at RAF Mildenhall in Sussex, May 1990.

They are putting on a show at the Bob Hope Community Center on the base. 

(Photos by Bryn Colton)

Marilyn Monroe hosts a press party held at her home in Los Angeles on March 3, 1956.

Photos by Earl Leaf

Judy Garland hosts The Hollywood Palace. Airdate: May 7, 1966.

Only on Studio 54!