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Tête-à-tête, Bavaria, 2015 – Ph. Ellen Von Unwerth

Marlene Dietrich at the recording studios of COLUMBIA RECORDS. New York City. USA., 1952 Ph. Eve Arnold

Guess Who, Claudia Schiffer, Nashville, 1989 Ph. Ellen Von Unwerth

Heinz Hajek-Halke, German experimental photographer, 1898–1983. 

He experimented with photographic techniques — among them light montages, double exposures, photo collages and photo montages. One special technique is “combi-photography,” in which Hajek-Halke mounted several negatives for one print. His pictures were innovative and made use of the newly discovered possibilities for manipulating photographs. His work connected the photography of “Neues Sehen” [New Seeing] with the experiments of the group “fotoform” and of “subjective photography” in Germany of the post-war era.

Portraits of Eva Braun (1912 – 1945), longtime companion and eventual (though only briefly) wife of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, late 1930s. 

Photos by Hugo Jaeger

Klaus Nomi photographed by Peter Noble, 1982.

Klaus Nomi photographed by Curtis Knapp, 1982.


Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias photographed by Michael Halsband, 1980. 


Dolores del Rio, Marlene Dietrich and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. attend a gallery event featuring Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in Los Angeles, circa 1937.