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Rick James and Linda Blair (1982)

In his posthumously published memoir Rick James says he spent time “getting to know” the actress during a short stint living at the Chateau Marmont in Beverly Hills. Later, he found out that Linda had gotten pregnant by him and had an abortion without his knowledge. His 1983 hit song “Cold Blooded” came from that discovery. “It was about how Linda could freeze my blood,” he wrote. In his autobiography, Memoirs of a Super Freak, he explained:

Actress Linda Blair (The Exorcist) came to Buffalo to see me and I was very happy to see her. A few months before her visit she had called to say that she had-had an abortion, and that it had been my child. She said she was in the middle of shooting a movie and was starting to show, and she didn’t think I would care anyway. She was wrong. I did care deeply. I loved Linda and it hurt me that she would choose to abort our child without even wanting to talk to me about it first. I still look back on her choice with sadness and wonder about our baby, and how having that child might have changed me life. One night during her visit, I took her into the studio and we sat down at one of my synthesizers. I was showing Linda how to write a song on keyboards and I started playing. I told her that in composition you’re ok as long as you keep playing. It’s when your fingers stop moving that you’re in trouble. The next thing I knew I was composing a tune about her called, “Cold Blooded.” She was the inspiration for that song.


Betty Davis photographed by Fin Costello, 1976.


Funk singer Betty Davis with her husband Miles Davis in front of one of his paintings at their home in New York City, October 1969.

Photos by Baron Wolman

KC and the Sunshine Band

poses for portraits on October 7, 1975 in Los Angeles, California.


Ticket stubs from Rick James’ Fire It Up Tour with opening act Prince in 1980.

Vanity 6 and Morris Day in-store visit at Turtle’s Records and Tapes in Atlanta, Georgia circa 1982.


Rick James and Linda Blair, 1982.

“Linda was incredible. A free spirit. A beautiful mind. A mind-blowing body. She liked getting high and getting down as much as I did. We posed topless for a photograph that showed up everywhere. We didn’t care. We were doing our own thing our own way. It was a love affair that I hope would last. It didn’t.”                

(Glow: The Autobiography of Rick James)


Chaka Khan and Ike Turner (1979) 

Chaka Khan photographed by Robert Rodvik circa 1975.

Rick James during an in-store sales promotion at Freeway Record Store in Los Angeles for the album “Bustin’ Out of L Seven” (1979).

Photos by Bobby Holland