Category: flowers

Black Orchid, 2010 Ph. Marc Lagrange

Nathalie B., Deauville 1991 Ph. Bruno Bisang

A young woman in spangly tights sits in a flower-covered hanging seat, circa 1970. Photo by Jamie Hodgson

Photo by John Rawlings for “Vogue” – August, 1944

Britney Spears by Timothy White, 1999

Paula Abdul, Under My Spell Tour, Texas, 1992

Paul McCartney photographed by Richard Avedon,  August 11th, 1967

Courteney Cox photographed by Diana Lynn, 1985

Thalia by Carlos Latapi, 1991

Italian presenter, actress, singer, and showgirl Raffaella Carrà sports a floral-printed silk nightgown with puffy sleeves, 1970