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WooDoo Doll, 2016 – Ph. Viktorija Pashuta

“Art is different for every individual, and is definable only by the given individual.” – Keith Haring  

Red Marks #1 –  Pop Art, food, cigarette, contemporary, colour – Ph. Miles Aldridge, 2003

Kate Moss, 1992 – Ph. Vic Singh

Madonna, October 13, 1984 – Ph. Herb Ritts

“The first time I met Herb was on the set of Desperately Seeking Susan and it’s true, he put a pair of underwear on my head.” – Madonna

Backflip, Paradise Cove, California, 1987 – Tony Ward photographed by Herb Ritts

On an editorial assignment for Tatler magazine, Herb created what would go on to become arguably one of his most iconic images – Backflip.

The subject, model Tony Ward, went on to describe this image: “I’m a soldier. I don’t care. Tell me to do a backflip for half an hour straight. OK. If I can do it, I’ll do it. Jump out of the freezing water? OK. It’s an integral part of the photo. Herb is an iconographer. When you think about it, Herb’s photos are very surrealist objects d’art. I knew he was creating timeless art that was going to live forever.” 

On the contact sheet, along with denoting his selected image, Herb’s hand notations detail paper selection (Agfa Portriga Warm Tone) and darkroom notes to “Hold detail in hair. Less moody. More snap.“

Nadja Auermann (B), New York, June 22, 1994 – Ph. Irving Penn

Cindy Crawford, Hawaii, 1988 – Ph. Herb Ritts

Madonna photographed by Steven Meisel for Vanity Fair, 1991

Loose Ties, 2018 Ph. Adrian Octavius Walker