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Madonna Blonde Ambition Tour 1990

Frida Kahlo photographed by Lucienne Bloch, 1933.

Hedy Lamarr // Early 40s

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Coretta Scott King at Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom conference in Washington, D.C on 

March 28, 1968.

(Original Caption) Mrs. Martin Luther King presiding at conference of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – one of the world’s oldest peace organizations. The league presented a proposal for a Vietnam peace settlement and called for a ‘ceasefire now.’ Mrs. King said that ‘all women have a common bond – they don’t want their husbands and sons maimed and killed in war.’

Frida Kahlo at the her home and studio designed by architect Juan O’Gorman in the Colonia San Angel neighborhood of Mexico City, 1940.

Photos by Ivan Dmitri

Demi Lovato for Notion Magazine. 😍

Queen Latifah Photographed by Al Pereira on October 6, 1989.  

17-year-old MC Lyte photographed by Waring Abbott in New York City

on December 1, 1987. 

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera photographed by Carl Van Vechten on March 19, 1932.