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David Bowie with his wife Angie and their son Zowie (Duncan Jones) at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam,

February 1974.

Debbie Reynolds with her husband Eddie Fisher and their daughter Carrie Fisher in 1957.

William Shatner at home with his wife Gloria Rand and their daughters Leslie, Lisabeth, and Melanie in 1967.  

Debbie Reynolds with her husband Eddie Fisher and their daughter Carrie Fisher in 1957.


Gary Coleman at home with his parents Sue and W.G. Coleman in 1979.

Gary Coleman had been estranged from his parents since 1989, when Sue Coleman filed a court request to gain control of her son’s estimated $6 million fortune, insisting Gary was not able to handle his finances. Gary countersued and won a $1.3 million settlement, though he eventually declared bankruptcy in 1999. Gary rarely spoke to his parents after that and he left them nothing in his will when he died in 2010.


O.J. Simpson, running back for the Buffalo Bills, poses with his wife, Marguerite, daughter Arnelle, 4, and son Jason, 2, in Buffalo, New York on October 10, 1973. 

In 1973, Simpson became the first player to break the highly coveted 2,000-yard rushing mark with 2,003 total rushing yards and 12 touchdowns. For his performance he won that year’s NFL MVP Award,

NFL player of the year and

The Associated Press NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award. While other players had broken the 2,000-yard mark since Simpson, his record happened when the NFL only had 14-game seasons; as opposed to the now 16-game seasons.

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy with their daughter Caroline at Hyannis Port, 1959.

Photos by Mark Shaw 

Gary Coleman at home with his parents in 1979.

Photos by Gene Trindl


Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh at home their daughters Kelly Curtis and Jamie Lee Curtis, January 1959.

(Photos by Allan Grant/The LIFE Picture Collection)


Eddie Fisher and Family

(Original Caption) Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and first picture with their baby daughter who was born on October 21, 1956; her name is

Carrie Frances.