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Rudolph Valentino photographed by Edward Steichen for Vanity Fair on August 6, 1926. He died less than 3 weeks later from Peritonitis

at the age of 31 on August 23rd. The 2nd photo appeared in the October 1926 issue of Vanity Fair.

Mexican actress, Lupe Velez, with black hair parted in the center, and stylized eyebrows, wearing an ornate dress, with a white, elaborate lace headdress, smiling coyly, with her hand placed over her mouth. Photo by Edward Steichen for Vanity Fair June 1st, 1934

Seated model, seen from the waist down, wearing a lame dress, satin Perugia shoes decorated with tassel-shaped rhinestone ornaments, diamond bracelets and ring, and holding a cigarette holder, Photo by Edward Steichen for Vogue Magazine, August 12, 1925

Gary Cooper by Edward Steichen for Vanity Fair – February, 1930

Margaret Horan by Edward Steichen, "The Grand Piano" (1935)