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Courtney Love & Drew Barrymore at the The 12th MTV VMAs, September 07, 1995 – Ph. Kevin Mazur

Drew Barrymore, 1995 photographed by Timothy White

Drew Barrymore, Caffe Trieste, San Fransisco 1993 Photos by Matthew Rolston

Drew Barrymore, 1993 Ph. Aaron Rapoport

Drew Barrymore, 1994 Ph. Matthew Rolston

Drew Barrymore (D), 1993 Ph. Herb Ritts

Drew Barrymore, 1993 Ph. Firooz Zahedi

Drew Barrymore, Los Angeles Ph. Greg Gorman

Drew Barrymore photographed by Timothy White, Beverly Hills CA, 1995

Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore leaving a club, January 2007 [x]