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David Parsons in Paul Taylor’s ‘Arden Court’, 1984 – Ph. Jack Mitchell

Raffaella Carrà & Enzo Paolo Turchi dancing, 1971 – Ph. Unknown 


Eartha Kitt and


leader Frank Weir at Churchill’s Club in London, 1951.

Photos by Russell Westwood


Jessica Alba in Honey (2003)

Paula Abdul by Neal Preston, 1988

Kylie Minogue – Please Stay

Sammy Davis Jr. dancing at the Hoover Dam for the television variety special ‘Frank Sinatra Jr. with Family and Friends,’ on Nevada, May 24, 1969.

 The special was broadcast on October 19, 1969.

Making of Crazy music video, 1999

Making of Crazy music video, 1999

Bianca Jagger and

Sterling St. Jacques dancing at Studio 54 in New York City on January 10, 1978.

Photos by 

Ron Galella