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James Dean gives a thumbs-up sign from his Porsche 550 Spyder, the Little Bastard, while parked on Vine Street in Hollywood.

Dean, who had taken up racing the year before, owned the car only nine days when he lost his life in a fatal highway accident while driving the Porsche to a Salinas race. 1955  – Ph. Bettmann

The Mamas and the Papas in Beverly Hills, 1965. Photos by Bruce McBroom 

This was shot in 1965 after they got their royalty checks for their first big hit, “California Dreamin’”. They each spent their money on new expensive cars. Cass Elliot bought a Porsche, Denny bought a Lincoln Continental, and John and Michelle bought an XKE Jaguar.

So high, so fast.
Some Kind of Bliss (1997) – dir. David Mould 

Sonny and Cher with their his-and-her Mustang convertibles, 1966.

These Mustangs were sent over to George Barris, “King of The Kustomizers” to be modified for the couple. The project was commissioned by Ford Motor Company for promotional purposes. The cars were used in Sonny and Cher’s movie Good Times (1967).

Michael Jackson sitting on his

Mercedes-Benz W126

at his Hayvenhurst home in Encino, 1985.

Photo by Sam Emerson