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Kate Moss in Chanel on Fiat, Paris, VOGUE Italia, 1994 Ph. Arthur Elgort

Tearful Marilyn Monroe in passenger seat of car beside her lawyer Jerry Giesler after announcing her divorce to baseball great Joe DiMaggio. October 1st, 1954 Ph. George Silk

Lindsay out clubbing in Hollywood, March 26th 2007 [x]




It’s a prison inside my mind
Glosses (2016) – Dir. Colin Tilley

So high, so fast.
Some Kind of Bliss (1997) – dir. David Mould 

Slip into stillness and be above it all.
Some Kind of Bliss (1997) – dir. David Mould 

Michael Jackson sitting on his

Mercedes-Benz W126

at his Hayvenhurst home in Encino, 1985.

Photo by Sam Emerson