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South African singer Miriam Makeba is photographed in May 1968 with new husband Stokely Carmichael, leader of the Black Panther Party, outside Carmichael’s mother’s Bronx, NY home. The couple then traveled to their wedding reception, held at the suburban New York home of Tanzanian ambassador Akili B.C. Danieli.

Joe Louis marries Marva Trotter before his fight against Max Baer on September 24, 1935.

(Original Caption) Within a little more than an hour after he had disposed of Max Baer, in a slashing bout that ended by knockout in the fourth round, Joe Louis rushed to his bride of a few hours, the former Miss Marva Trotter and the two are seen here in their temporary quarters at 381 Edgecomb Avenue in the Bronx. Joe and Marva were married in the apartment just two hours and a few minutes before Joe stepped into the ting against Max. He seems the same stoical and methodical battler, despite his new status and hammered down Max with murderous lefts and rights in as fast a four round battle as has been seen in these environs in many a long day.

Cardi B on the cover of New York Magazine