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Britney Spears: Blackout, 2007

Britney and Justin at an MTV Tribute to Janet Jackson event in March, 2001 [x]

Britney Spears at the Billboard Music Awards in 1999 Copyright to Scott Gries of Getty [x]

Britney on the set of My Prerogative [x]

Britney at ‘Rock in Rio’ event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in January 2001 [x]

Britney and Justin at the American Music Awards in 2001 [x]

Britney and Justin out in Beverly Hills in 2001 [x]

Britney Spears in 2000 photographed by Art Streiber [x]

Britney Spears in 2000 photographed by George Holz [x]

Paris Hilton and Britney Spears shopping, November 2006