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Britney Spears: Portrait of a Young Pop Star on the Verge of Success, 1999 Ph. David LaChapelle

Britney Spears, 1999 Ph. Herb Ritts

Britney Spears, 2001 Ph. Herb Ritts

Britney photographed by Kate Turning for the ‘Circus’ Album, 2008

Britney in Munich Germany, February, 1999, Photographed by Fryderyk Gabowicz

Britney Spears by Timothy White, 1999

Britney Spears: Blackout, 2007

Britney and Justin at an MTV Tribute to Janet Jackson event in March, 2001 [x]

Britney Spears at the Billboard Music Awards in 1999 Copyright to Scott Gries of Getty [x]

Britney Spears by Todd Kaplan, 1999