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Untitled #2 Paloma Picasso, New York, 1985 – Ph. Horst P. Horst

French actor Jean Marais with a dog sitting in front of a building with Romanesque architecture, c.1950. Photo by Horst P. Horst

Lately I’ve been thinking lots about my levels of productivity and what I could be doing that I’m not… I mean, I see some girls my age who have businesses already and are making so much money and although 99.9% of them were handed most of their success on a silver platter it doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. 

Money and I are great friends, I was born to rich parents in a high elite society but most of that is gone now (the country is going though an economical crisis and my father is a greedy motherfucker who visits Europe every month but won’t let me buy Rihanna’s orange thigh high boots). However, someone with such great taste and an amazing sense of responsabilty (in theory) shouldn’t be stuck in the body of a high middle class college student.

Seeing as tomorrow is my 20th birthday and I’ve hit a mid youth crisis, I decided to adopt a new mentality. I can’t fucking control the shit that happens to me or this shitty economy or my crappy parents but what I can do is get the hell out. That’s not the news part, I’ve known I’m leaving this hell hole since I was 5 years old, the thing is I never thought much of the practical steps… I just figured I would hit a certain age and a lightbulb would twinkle above my head turning me into an instant entrepreneur (or maybe I hoped Prince Harry would spot me at a Rio nightclub and it’d be love at first sight), but what the movie/book “The Secret” doesn’t tell you is that not only you have to know exactly what you want, and most of us have no idea, but you also have to work for it. 

Suggestions are 200% welcome, I will here state my talents in hopes of either making up for great entertainment when I’m 30 and look back at this or to put my thoughts in order and motivate my lazy ass to start looking into shit that I could do:

– I am very intteligent and was educated in elite private schools

– I speak 5 languages fluently

– I am great at dealing with people (my age)

– I have great taste in architecture, fashion and design

– Money motivates me 

– I can write poetry and good ass drama novels when I put effort into it

– I love to sing (I can’t sing for shit)

– I could easily manage an online store

– I can learn things easily

……… is it so sad that I can’t think of any more shit?

I think the important thing here is that not only I’ve hit a breaking point, I know this is the start of something new – get that reference?. And it doesn’t really matter if I start waking up to my talents or my good abilities slowly, what matters is that I started paying attention and now that i’m in my 20′s (IM SO FUCKING OLD), I hope I’ll be taken more seriously not only by other people but by myself and the Universe as well.

As for now I will brainstorm until something catches my attention for more than 6 seconds… I might get a sowing machine too