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Celia Hammond by Ronald Traeger 1967


Marisa Berenson photographed by Richard Avedon, vinyl top by Ungaro, aluminium wig of Citroën shavings by Alexandre de Paris for Ungaro, January 1966



Pamela Anderson, 1995 – Ph. Yann Gamblin

Pamela Anderson, Feb. 1995 – Ph. Yann Gamblin

Marlon Brando wearing a white T-shirt in an echo of his role in ‘The Wild One’, 1950 – Ph. John Engstead

Audrey Hepburn on the film set of War and Peace near Rome, Italy, 1955 – Ph. Norman Parkinson

Marilyn Monroe at a cocktail party thrown by attorney Frank Delaney, 1955 – Ph. Bettmann

Linda Evangelista for Gianni Versace, 1991 – Ph. Herb Ritts

David Parsons in Paul Taylor’s ‘Arden Court’, 1984 – Ph. Jack Mitchell