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Malcolm X photographed by Joe Rosenthal for the San Francisco Chronicle, 1961.


South African singer Miriam Makeba with her new husband Stokely Carmichael, leader of the Black Panther Party, outside of his mother’s Bronx, New York home in May 1968. The couple then traveled to their wedding reception, held at the suburban New York home of Tanzanian ambassador Akili B.C. Danieli.


Malcolm X with his wife, Betty Shabazz, and their children during a meeting at the headquarters of his Organization of Afro-American Unity at Hotel Theresa in Harlem on February 20, 1965.

Malcolm is holding his daughter Qubilah. He was assassinated the next day at the Audubon Ballroom in front of his wife and children.

(Photos by Duilio Pallottelli)


Robeson and his wife Essie Robeson photographed by Carl Van Vechten, June 1933.   


James Baldwin photographed by Carl Van Vechten on September 13, 1955.

Malcolm X during a demonstration against discriminatory hiring practices in Brooklyn, New York in 1963.

Photos by Bob Henriques


Ruby Dee photographed

by Carl Van Vechten on September 25, 1962.

Co-founder of the Black Panther Party, Huey P. Newton in 1971.


Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee photographed by Carl Van Vechten on November 15, 1961.


Martin Luther King Jr. enjoys Sunday dinner

at home

after church with his wife Coretta and their children Yolanda, Marty, Dexter, and Bernice on November 8, 1964.

(Photos by Flip Schulke)