Category: 90s music

Selena photographed by Jorge Gutierrez for Impacto magazine (1994)


Jennifer Lopez photographed by Firooz Zahedi for Vanity Fair, 1998.

Madonna, 1997 – Ph. Rankin

Mariah Carey, 1990 – Ph. Deborah Feingold

Paula Abdul, 1994, unknown photographer

Janet Jackson for Glamour Magazine (France), 1993 Ph. Matthew Rolston

Britney Spears: Portrait of a Young Pop Star on the Verge of Success, 1999 Ph. David LaChapelle

Gwen Stefani from No Doubt, Anaheim California,1996 Ph. Michael Grecco

Madonna, San Pedro III, 1990 Ph. Herb Ritts

Madonna, San Pedro, 1990 Ph. Herb Ritts