Category: 70S

Studio 54 Couch, 1979 Ph. Bill Bernstein

Rod Stewart, circa 1973 Ph. Annie Leibovitz, Gelatin Silver Print

Pre-fame Madonna photographed by Dan Gilroy, New York City, 1978

Model Moica Platne is photographed in a black and silver print dress and a matching headscarf, 1970


A young woman in spangly tights sits in a flower-covered hanging seat, circa 1970. Photo by Jamie Hodgson

Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger wiht a diamond on his tooth 1976. Photo by Terry O’Neill

Raquel Welch photographed by Terry O’Neill, 1973.

Raffaella Carra photographed by Rino Petrosino, 1978

Raffaella Carra photographed by Rino Petrosino, 1978