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Elvis Presley in an interview during his return to the United States after his military service, New Jersey, United States, 1960 – Photo by Al Fenn


When Phil Spector and his wife Ronnie Spector adopted their son Donté

in 1969,

Phil tried to pass him off as their biological child. He wrote an actual theatrical script breakdown for Ronnie to manage the unveiling of their new child. Two years later, Phil gave Ronnie a set of adopted twins for Christmas. Just a few months after that, she escaped. Ronnie

had been tormented by Phil and kept prisoner in his mansion throughout their marriage. The day after their wedding in 1968 he surrounded the estate with a barbed-wire fence. Bars went on the windows next, and monitoring intercoms were installed in all the rooms. Then a set of 10-foot electrified gates went up. He would hide her shoes so she couldn’t leave on her own. On the rare occasions she was permitted to leave Phil made her drive with a life-size blow-up doll of himself. He frequently pulled a gun on her and installed a gold coffin with a glass top in the basement, promising that he would kill her if she tried to leave him. She escaped barefoot with the help of her mother in 1972. 

In 2009, Phil was sentenced to 19 years to life for shooting actress Lana Clarkson to death at his home in 2003.

Bob Dylan, Fans Looking In Limo, London, England, 1966 Ph. Barry Feinstein

Mick Jagger, 1964 Ph. David Bailey

Gelatin silver print mounted on cardboard

Ike and Tina Turner during their UK tour with the Rolling Stones in 1966.

Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger posing in a fur parka, with a fur trimmed hood, 1964. Photo by Terry O’Neill

Mick Jagger having his hair styled at the BBC studios before an appearance on television, 1963. Photo by Terry O’Neill

Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, London, 1963. Photo by Terry O’Neill

The Rolling Stones pose for a group portrait in London, 1964. From left to right, Bill Wyman, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones (1942 – 1969), Charlie Watts and Keith Richards. Photo by Terry O’Neill


The Ronettes photographed by Tony Gale, 1965.