Category: 60s makeup

Subliminal Look, 1968 – Ph. Hiro

Untitled, 2006 – Ph. Kenneth Willardt

Nancy Sinatra, 1967

Goldie Hawn by Bern Stern, in a burgundy velvet dress by Weber Originals, a satin ribbon tied in a bow at neck with a pin by Bergere, Vogue August, 1969.

Twiggy photographed by Bert Stern wearing a bright flower-print dress by Michèle Rosier, with Max Factor makeup outlining her large doe eyes. Vogue, March 1, 1967.

Twiggy for Vogue June 1967, photographed by Ronald Traeger. Hair design by Gordon.

Jean Shrimpton photographed by Irving Penn for Vogue 1965

Marisa Berenson photographed by Richard Avedon, vinyl top by Ungaro, aluminium wig of Citroën shavings by Alexandre de Paris for Ungaro, January 1966

Woman with Sunblock, New York 1966 by Irving Penn

“Veruschka Wearing Lucite Hair Rings” photographed by Irving Penn for Vogue, June 1966