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Little Richard and Ike Turner at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio on April 2, 1998. 

Little Richard who was inducted into the Rock Hall in 1986, and Ike Turner in 1991, were longtime friends. Little Richard was used Ike’s piano intro on “Rocket 88″ for his song “Good Golly, Miss Molly.” Ike also said he had Little Richard in mind when he wrote songs for Tina Turner to sing. Little Richard wrote the introduction for Ike’s autobiography Takin’ Back My Name (1999) and

also spoke at his funeral in 2007. 

Little Richard: “When they first came to Los Angeles, I used to go over every day and Ike would be there with Tina and all of them. I remember when Tina couldn’t sing like she can today. Ike came and asked me to teach her. He asked me, ‘How would you sing this song?’ And when I sang, he would tell Tina, ‘Now that’s what I want you to do.’ But when she talks today she never mentions my name.”


Eartha Kitt with her granddaughter Rachel Shapiro in 1998.


Jennifer Lopez photographed by Firooz Zahedi for Vanity Fair, 1998.

Dans Le Port Du Havre, Pierre et Gilles, 1998

Courtney Love and Gwen Stefani at the Universal Records Grammy Party, 25th February 1998

Eva Herzigova, Paris, 1998 Ph. Marc Hispard

Karl Lagerfeld (Tight View), Paris, 1998 Ph. Herb Ritts

Brad Pitt, Palm Springs, CA, 1998 Ph. Mark Seliger

‘Odes to Pindar’, Brendan Collins photographed by Greg Gorman, 1998


Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra at the opening of the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Montreal on July 27, 1998.