Category: 1990s

Linda Evangelista, 1990, Ph. Peter Lindbergh

Brad Pitt, Palm Springs, CA, 1998 Ph. Mark Seliger

Madonna and Tony Ward at photographer Herb Ritts’ Birthday Party, August 1990 Ph. Herb Ritts

Keanu Reeves by Greg Gorman, Malibu, 1993

Keanu Reeves photographed by Greg Gorman, Malibu, 1993

Olga Pantushenkova by Thierry Mugler for Thierry Mugler F/W 1996

Thierry Mugler advert – 1991


2Pac photographed by Jeffery Newbury, 1992.


LL Cool J and Kidada Jones 

LL Cool J and Kidada Jones dated from 1992 to 1994. In his book I Make My Own Rules, LL said he cared about


and respected her but he broke up with her because of her spirituality beliefs. 

“She would go to an ashram, consult a guru, and pray to statues… Before my album 14 Shots to the Dome dropped, Kidada told me she threw some kind of stick into the eternal fire for my album. I was like ‘Yo why did you do that? I didn’t ask you to do that!’ That joint flopped crazily. ‘Oh, well, I’m sorry I cared!’ she said. I had hurt her feelings, but she had hurt me too. I know she meant well, but I just couldn’t get with that. She took me to her guru once and I remember kneeling before this strange young woman who was touching feathers.”


Whitney Houston photographed by Norman Seeff, 1990.